Our Sustainability

Over the last three years, Miyonga has been exporting fresh fruits and vegetables to Europe. Experience approximately 30 to 40% of all fruits and vegetables we receive from farmers is rejected and goes to wasted due to growing of unfavorable varieties, lack of certification and cosmetics. The rejects have just as much nutrients as the perfect fruit. The rejects lead to loss of income to farmer and a loss of the natural resources used to produce the product.

The Challenge

Food wastage goes beyond just the food components that have been thrown away other resources used for growing, processing, packaging and marketing the food are wasted. Our livelihoods are wasted. This presents an enormous amount of unearned income and giant expenses for smallholder farmers and traders as well as wasted potential to feed the ever-growing population in Africa and beyond. Loss of income equals to loss of opportunity to access education, quality healthcare and improved quality of life for the farmers and their families.

Our Response

To address food waste, Miyonga trains smallholder farmers on suitable varieties to grow adoption of modern agricultural practices that lead to certification this increasing access to market, and uses innovative agro processing technology to create value added fresh products with high market demand and higher market value for export and local consumption, thus reducing food waste.

This is under our CSR program known as Wheeling Fruits. Wheeling fruits is all about valorising surplus fruits and vegetable into powder and dried fruits using a mobile fruit processor