Of all fruits enjoyed throughout the world few are as popular or universally acceptable asthe mango. In fact the only tropical fruit which outranks it is the banana. Globally nearly US$ 500 million worth of mangoes exported each year and 40 times that amount consumed in the countries of production.

The mango is one of the most important fruit crops in the tropical and subtropical lowlands. It is native to India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Malaysia, but can be found growing in more than 60 other countries throughout the world although the mango tree is not indigenous to Kenya, it has been cultivated in the Coast Province for centuries.  It is reported to have been brought to Kenya by traders in ivory and slaves during the 14th century

The mango fruit comes in a multitude of different varieties with varying qualities. Keitt, Kent, and Tommy Atkins aret he most popular mango varieties produced among the over 1,000 varieties grown worldwide.

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